Friday November 24, 2017

Strength: 3×5 Press snatch 3×5 Drop snatch 3×5 Heave snatch 3×3 Sotts press 3×5 Slow motion muscle snatch 3×5 Mid-thigh muscle snatch 3×3 Above the knee muscle snatch 3×3 below the knee muscle snatch 3×3 Snatch to quarter squat 3×3 Snatch to half squat 3×3 Snatch to full squat WOD: 16 Minute EMOM Odd –…Continue Reading

Tuesday November 21, 2017

Strength: 5×3 front squat (65% of 1 RM) 5×3 bent over rows WOD: “Rowling for burpee box jumps” With a partner:    Row 1600 meters Each partner rows to exact multiple of 100m then does 1 burpee box jump (24/20) (not step ups) for each meter over/under the 100 mark.  After last box jump, tag partner…Continue Reading