The fitness that CrossFit develops is foundational to all other athletic needs. We combine the best of:

  • Olympic Weightlifting (Clean & Jerk, Snatch)
  • Gymnastics ( Push ups, Squats, Hand Stands, Ring Dips, Muscle ups, No Aerials)
  • Metabolic conditioning (running, rowing and jumping rope)

I could go on for several very long and very boring pages about CrossFit but you don’t want to read it and quite honestly I don’t want to write it. The simple definition is A Broad, General and Inclusive Fitness that is created by Constantly Varied, Functional Movements Executed at High Intensity.

Basically it’s a super way to get fit.

What’s that you say? You are not in the cast of ‘300’ or ready to be a SEAL. That’s OK. Neither were they before they started. That is one of the beauties of CrossFit; it doesn’t matter if you are a grandma or a Navy Seal you can do CrossFit and have fun doing it.

Just come in and try it. Nothing will make sense until you do.

You’ll know instantly if it’s what you’ve been looking for your whole life. And, if it’s not, you can head down the street to LA Fitness.

CrossFit is like nothing you’ve ever tried. And the results are worth it.