Thank you for participating in our special offer!

What happens now that you have the deal?

We provide everyone with a structured introduction to CrossFit in a Basics Class. We offer them every week during the times shown below.  We want to ensure you are equipped before you jump into the regular CrossFit classes.  You can check out Our Schedule page and use the link to register for your 1st class.

To confirm that we have a CrossFit Coach to work with you, your first Basics Class needs to be scheduled.

Please follow this link to reserve your basics class and complete your waiver before attending.  No need to put your voucher into the system, just bring a copy with you when you come in (either on your phone or printed).


The Basics Class times offered are:

Monday-Friday at
· 5:00 am
· 6:00 am
· 10:00 am

Monday-Thursday at
· 5:30 pm

Please follow this link to reserve your Basics Class and complete your waiver before attending.


The maximum capacity per Basics Class is 4 people.  Classes will fill up quickly, so don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your first Basics Class!

The Basics Classes can be booked up to 3 weeks in advance.  Currently, everything is handled through the web site. If there is a cancellation it will be on the website.  If you call, email, or show up in person to request a sooner reservation or to be notified of a cancellation, we will refer you to the website.

If you would like to start immediately, the rate is $140 a month.  Refer to “Start Here” for more information.

It’s just exercise, we want you to be part of it with us.